Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Allergies and Siberians

There is some evidence to suggest that Siberian Cats provoke less reaction in allergy sufferers. This in my experience depends on the individual and would recommend anyone who has an allergy to cats to visit the cattery of their choice before commiting to a kitten.

Due to our breeding British Longhairs we no longer do allergy test visits. You are welcome to visit our kittens when available.

Please note, we cannot expose severe allergy sufferers or asthmatics to our cats for safety reasons.
If you wish to discuss this further, please contact me.

If you are considering a Siberian kitten because you are an allergy sufferer, please note that we require you to have an 'allergy buddy', someone who is willing to take the kitten if your allergy returns. We no longer take back kittens due to allergic reactions, due to the stress this places on the kitten. We will of course always help to rehome in extreme circumstances, where possible. We would advise your 'buddy' to visit the cattery, preferably at the same time as your first visit or soon after, so that we can meet and approve them and to ensure they can also provide a suitable home.


  1. Good point Shirley.
    I can't do allergy sittings as I have a Ragdoll. I insist allergy suffers have a plan B if they find they have problems. One of my kittens has just gone to an allergy sufferer whose sister will happily take it. She already is a cat owner.

    So much easier for the kitten than to be returned at some time in the future.

    I also supply sufferers with two sheets of information prior to them reserving a kitten.

  2. how strict is this? I would love to get a Siberian cat at some point (and specifically this breed because I do get allergies). But I am only mildly allergic. With some regular cats I only sneeze a little, or its only if I pet cats and then rub my eyes I really notice a reaction. With some cats this has been more sneezing, itchy eyes, runny nose. I'd be willing to take antihistamines if needed and would keep the cat out of the bedroom to reduce my reaction. Would someone like me still need an allergy buddy? I would do whatever I could to keep a cat despite my reaction because I've wanted one so badly for years. My boyfriend thinks I'm stupid to get a pet I'm allergic to so my only way to convince him is to try a siberian! I wish the breed good for allergy sufferers were a little cheaper though... this is why I'm not after a cat yet but 'someday', need some time to save up!

  3. This may seem 'stict' but we must put our cats first. I have been asked in the past about 'returning' a kitten due to an allergic reaction, but we are not a shop selling a product on sale or return. Cats are intelligent creatures with emotions and needs. So far I have only had to rehome two kittens, but it is very stressful for the babies as thy get used to a new home, then come back, and then have to go again and adjust to a new setting. That's why we have come up with the buddy scheme as this person will be someone the cat knows and keeps in contact with so any stress in moving will be minimal. If you cant find a buddy we do consider you if you have slight allegies and are prepared to take something to cope with this.
    As for price, it is very expensive to breed cats to such a high standard as ours and the many good Siberian breeders out there. The kitten gets the best start and comes from healthy parents and we breed for good temperament and type...we feed only the best food....and all this is very time consuming and lots of knowledge/experience is needed to get it may want to consider an older cat who is retiring. We occationally allow some of our cats to be rehomed and charge a nominal fee to cover innoculations and neuter/spay. Adults are often better for allergy sufferers. Check out our adults page or contact me direct.