Saturday, 26 March 2011

Preston and Blackpool CC

Olivia gets her second merit , 1st AC Siberian Kitten, 2nd AV SLH Kitten bred by exh (7 entries) and 2nd AV SLH Kitten Res in Lancs.
Comments from V Kilby....'Well grown with pleasing type. Good head shape with well developed cheeks. Good ear size and setting. Good profile line and chin depth. well shaped (eyes). Strong body of good length. Sturdy limbs with tufted paws. Good length and full brush (tail) Good length and texture, good glossy topcoat. Attractive and well developed pattern (classic). Good (temperament). A pleasing example of the breed'
Way to go Livv!

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Summer Plans

Well our summer plans are in motion, Tam is visiting Belphie and if all goes well kittens should arrive at the end of May. This is a lovely combination, for type and temperament...all the kittens should be cuddle monsters!...and pretty much all colour combinations are possible, including silvers and hopefully colourpoints.
Charlie, our British longhair, will be paired up with Penny our British black tipped next week, and if she carries the longhair gene, may have our first longhair kittens in black tipped or possibly golden tipped...cant wait.
We may also get a chance to get some Chinny kittens, just waiting for the right boy....
We will be opening our waiting lists as soon as pregnancies confirmed.
That should be it for the summer as I would like to 'get away' for a week in July and cant leave too much for John!
After that we will have other litters planned including Siberians and BSH/LH for the winter...see website for plans.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Lancashire CC Show

At Lancs CC show today Witchfyre Olivia gained her first merit 'A promising young female of overall very good type' and won 1st place AV SLH Breeders kitten female from six entries...Mrs Butters came over later and said she was her 'kitten to take home from the whole show today!' not bad for her first show...

Sunday, 6 March 2011

The Wild Bunch

Latest kitten pictures....

Anatoly aged 7 1/2 weeks. Weight on 5/3/11...1232g! Staying at Witchfyre...

Borislava aged 7 1/2 weeks. Weight on 5/3/11...970g. Under assessment

Chernavka aged 7 1/2 weeks. Weight on 5/3/11...860g. Reserved