Saturday, 29 January 2011

Here come the girls...

Some pics of our older kittens, Viola...



Our lovely black boy Aaron taken at Rugby 2010

Nem's babies some action pics

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Latest news...

Nem's kittens went off to the vets last night for their 9 week check and first vaccination. All passed with flying colours and no effects from the jab..playtime was just as hectic!!!
Elly, Johnny and Maggie are now reserved. Thankyou for all those who enquired. Elly is off to live with Pat who is also taking Nem, so mum and daughter have a forever home together.

Tilly is under assessment and Rose is optioned, but we are still taking enquires for these two pending final decisions.

Lu's new kittens are coming on in leaps and looks like the classic is definately at least a golden brown and probably a golden. The other two am not sure yet. All kittens have topped the 300g mark and all have lovely heads. Eyes are open and lungs are big...they are all mummy's kittys and are very loud when they want to get back to her...
Will try and get some pics of all the kittens this this space

Thursday, 20 January 2011

New kittens updates

Just a quick update on Lulu's babies. All doing well. the biggest boy weighs an amazing 320g at 8 days..the biggest kitten we've had yet...must be following in his grandaddy Boublik's pawprints, he is also a classic tabby. The other two are good steady weights at 250g on day eight, just a touch heavier than the lovely brown tabby boy Titus, Lu had earlier last year.
Will get some pics when their eyes are open.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Kittie updates and new arrivals!

Nem's Kittens:
We have just one lovely brown tortie tabby and white girl awaiting her new family. Lady Elenor is a lovely chunky girl and has a very strong character...she knows what she wants!! She is the lovely kitten on the right.
Nem's other babies are:
Johnny B Goode...reserved for Pauline and Chris
Maggie Mae...Reserved for Veronique
Rambiln Rose...Option
Chantilly Lace...under assessment.
New Arrivals:
Lulu produced us three lovely kittens from the gorgeous Sam on Wednesday, all doing well and growing at a fantastic rate. We have two mack? and a classic tabby, possibly all golden/brown gold. We may consider one of these kittens available for breeding, we'll see how thay develop. They will all carry blue. Lulu is a fabulous producer and is the mum of Tam, Lavinia and Aaron, all who got either Ex1, (Tam, Viola ...both also nom sibby special...and Aaron) and Ex2, Lavinia (both Tam and Lavinia in same class, the judge found it hard to pick between the two!!) at the Rugby VCC show in December. She is also the mum of our fab colourpoint Ollie. Enquires welcome.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Happy New baby pics...

Latest pics of the babies at 6 weeks...enjoy!
Chantilly Lace..... Rose(option, enquires still welcome), Maggie (reserved) and Tilly (under assessment)

Johnny B Goode and Lady Elenor...dont they make a nice pair? Both these lovely kittens are available.