Sunday, 19 January 2014

Kitten News and Planned Litters 2014

Kitten news
We are please to announce that Witchfyre Boudica has given us four beautiful kittens from our imported boy Goldenesima Alexandr They are now three weeks old and I will post some pictures shortly. We have two colourpoint (Neva Masquerade) girls a brown classic boy and a golden? mackerel tabby boy.The kittens are currently under observation. We may have one or two available from this litter.

Our second litter due around the end of January/early February is also from Xandr and out of out lovely silver girl Witchfyre Silvaamune. We expect black/blue/red/cream/tortie silver, brown/blue/red/cream tabby, black/red or blue/cream tortie, red/cream tabbies and colourpoint kittens in all previous combinations....a rainbow of colours!

Enquires welcome, see website for details Our 2014 waiting list is now open.

Summer kittens
We are giving Witchfyre Borislava another go with Goldenesima Alexandr at the moment. She has proved a little more difficult to put in kitten so we will have to wait and see with this mating. If successful colours expected: Brown/blue/golden/blue golden, plus colourpoints.

Koolblue Amelie x ? Kittens will be with white.

Autumn/Winter kittens
Witchfyre Silvalaska x Goldenesima Alexandr. We are hoping to show Laska a couple more times and hopefully get her CH. After that she will visit Xandr. Colours expected: We expect black/blue/red/cream/tortie silver, brown/blue/red/cream tabby, black/red or blue/cream tortie, red/cream, golden and blue golden tabbies.
Witchfyre MoyaGoldenesima Alexandr? . Moya is our youngest girl. We will hopefully show her and maybe look at kittens from her late in the year or early next year.

All plans will be subject to the cats!
If you have an interest in any of the above litters, contact me early. Please note we no longer keep waiting list for enquires without a deposit. Certain colours/females are very popular and allergy sufferers will need to ensure an early visit to kittens to ensure we can match you up with a suitable kitten. Pet kittens are on a purely first come first served basis. There is more information about adopting a kitten from Witchfyre on our website.

We will have some exciting news around Easter, please check back for updates....