Thursday, 26 May 2016

We are here!

First pictures of Laska and Belenus' kittens at 3 weeks old.

Cream silver shaded tabby boy

Golden and white classic tabby boy

Golden shaded tabby girl

Silver and white mackerel tabby girl

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Kitten updates

Kittens are now a week old. We have a cute black silver and white girl (option), a sweet golden classic and white boy, a beautiful golden shaded girl (under assessment) and a fabulous cream silver boy.

All kittens are growing well and today opened their eyes to see the world. This happens between 7 and 10 days generally. These kittens are maturing early. For this reason I will not take any pictures for about 10 days to protect their eyes when using the camera flash.

We have given Enigma a rest as she is clearly not interested. We may try later in the year.

Amelie is visiting Belenus, hopefully news in a month or so.

Sunday, 8 May 2016

May Updates

Laska and Belenus' kittens have arrived! 

We have a golden classic, a golden shaded, a black silver and a cream silver. All kittens are doing well. Photos will be posted later. All kittens will be offered to our patience list first and will be ready to leave in August.

Our next kittens are planned from Amelie. We hope kittens will arrive in July.