Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Kitten update

Well, Boudica's kittens are coming on in leaps and bounds! We currently have one boy under assessment for show/breed and the others are currently spoken for. Romeo is a sweet boy, who loves his tummy tickled. Rafael also likes a cuddle and is very curious. Rudolf is under assessment, he is a big kitten compared to his brothers and we will wait and see how he develops. He is showing promise at this stage for show/breed. Rosie is the quietest and smallest of the group.

Lavinia (Witchfyre Silvaamune) is currently visiting her long time beau Sammy (Musrafy Samurai) and we are hoping to have kittens mid to late May. Colours expected: Silver, brown tabby, red/red silver (boys). Last year we had a silver tabby girl, who is now in Europe, and a silver shaded tortie tabby girl, who we retained. Both girls achieved their Ex1 from FIFe judges.(The Excellent assessment means they achieved more than 85 points out of a hundred. Points are given against the breed standard, the higher the points, the better the cat!).  We also retained their brother, a red silver shaded boy. His colour is fabulous and we are hoping for kittens from him in the autumn. He will also have the pleasure of a red lady next year, so hoping for all red/red silver babies! We have not shown Phe due to my back problem, but as soon as we can, we will get him to a show, now he has matured a little. He is a good strong boned large male, who may carry golden. For more information about Lavinia's next babies

Borislava is now courting our new boy Zandr, just waiting for love to blossom! More info

Our friend Liz from Bristol has kittens due hopefully in April. Dad is Witchfyre Anatoloy. Hopefully colourpoint kittens in this litter. Contact me for details.

Our waiting lists will be open again once pregnancy's confirmed. We will contact those on our mailing list as soon as we have news.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Introducing...Koolblue Amelie

Introducing Koolblue Amelie.
Amelie is a beautiful silver with white and brings a new line to the Witchfyre cattery. She is seven and a half months old. We look forward to showing her as soon as my back is better!
Our thanks to Lorraine for this wonderful cat...the best yet!

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Valentine Litter ~ first pics

First pictures of the Valentine Litter. All kittens are on hold or under observation. Enquires still welcome. Our next litters planned for May. Colours expected, silver, brown tabby, blue tabby, golden tabby and possible blue golden and blue silver and neva masquerade (colourpoint).

 Witchfyre Rafael Valentino

 Witchfyre Rudolf Valentino

 Witchfyre Romeo Valentino

 Witchfyre Red Rose Valentina