Saturday, 1 September 2018

September News - Latest kitten pics

Well, the summer holidays are over; where do I find time to work!
Here are the latest kitten pictures, enjoy....

If you are looking for a quality Siberian kitten for next year, email now to join our list. We have some exciting plans for next year! If you cannot wait, check out our three available boys.....

Witchfyre Solarflare
 - red classic tabby boy. Available 

Witchfyre Silvaflame
 - red silver shaded boy. Available 

Witchfyre Andy Pandy
 - red silver with white colourpoint (Neva Masquerade). Available

 Witchfyre Looby Loo
 - blue cream silver tabby and white. Stays at Witchfyre

Witchfyre Teddy Bear aka Rupert
 - golden with white boy. Reserved