Monday, 24 December 2012

Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas everyone. Have a great holiday and hope in 2013  all your wishes come true!

Monday, 3 December 2012

Breeding Plans 2013

We are now starting to work on our breeding plans for 2013.

Our first Siberian babies will hopefully be in the Spring, between our golden boy Sammy and the lovely Witchfyre Boudica (seal tabby/lynx point ~ Witchfyre Anatoly X Witchfyre Aria). Colours expected Brown possibly golden tabby. All kittens will carry colourpoint.

These will hopefully be followed in the summer by our new golden classic boy, Goldenesima Alexandr, and Witchfyre Borislava (Sammy X Lulu). Colours expected: Brown tabby, golden tabby, blue tabby, blue-golden tabby, with these combinations in colourpoint.

If you are interested in a kitten from these matings please contact me by email to

Our two Autumn/Winter litters may include Witchfyre Silvalaska (tortie silver shaded) and Koolblue Amelie (silver with white), boys yet to be decided.

All plans are subject to the cats and may be subject to change.....

For our British Longhair kitten plans go to

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

FB Bourne 21st October 2012

Had a great time at the Bourne show on Sunday, catching up with old friends....

Witchfyre Boudica Ex1 CAC

Witchfyre Silvanarissa Ex1

Goldenesima Alexandr Ex1

Thursday, 11 October 2012

October update...please welcome Alexandr!

Say hello to our new baby Alexandr, a golden classic tabby. We are so excited that we have this adorable boy and thank Claudia who has nurtured this little purrbucket...

Zandr will help us progress with our golden breeding program, and also our colourpoints as his mum is a neva masquerade. We hope to get out to a couple of shows and see what the judges think!

Our new website will be live soon, so look out for that.....

Saturday, 8 September 2012

2012 September updates

We have two lovely Siberian boys still available, please, no more timewasters!
Witchfyre Silvaphoenix, a lovely big red silver boy, with a super personality. He aims to please, is very active, and loadsa fun.
Witchfyre Sunspear. Little Sunny, a red classic tabby, was the smallest in the litter and we kept him back to catch up. He never stops purring. He has already been neutered.
Both kittens are available now. We wont have anymore Siberian kittens available until later next year as we have some new babies arriving soon, and we will hopefully be visiting some shows over the winter. We have some exciting plans for next year! Watch this space.....
We also have two fabulous golden tabby British Shortahair boys ready soon. Will consider show/breed homes as both boys carry the rare blue golden colour and are suitable for developing the British Longhair breed as they carry longhair.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Kittens available August

We have a small number of kittens available. These will be our last for 2012.

Blue cream tabby girl, gone to live with Liz and family.

Red tabby and brown tabby boys, have gone to live with Michael and Dasher

Black silver girl reserved, going to Europe

Red silver shaded boy available

If you are interested in any of these babies, contact me

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Kittens update July

We still have two fab red classic boys looking for their forever homes. Dragonstone and Sunspear, see earlier posts for photos. Would be nice for them to go together!

Sam and Vinnys kittens are six weeks, here are the latest pics.

Witchfyre Silvaphoenix
red-silver boy

Witchfyre Silvanarissa
black-silver girl

Witchfyre Silvalaska
tortie-silver girl

Annie and Cassie

Thanyou Neville and Beatrice for sending these stunning pics of Annie and Cassie (Aria and Sam's kittens from last year).

Friday, 29 June 2012

Olivia's kittens

Olivia and Anatoly's kittens, from left to right:
Witchfyre Sunspear red classic tabby male~available
Witchfyre Dragonstone red classic tabby male~available, poss breed.
Witchfyre Tyrion the Imp brown classic tabby male~available
Witchfyre Nymeria blue cream tortie classic tabby female~ option
Witchfyre Stormborn brown/golden tortie classic female~reserved

Witchfyre Arya Stark has gone to live with Catt.

Above kittens have been vet checked twice and vaccinated, wormed and flea treated and are ready for their furever homes now. Please enquire.

Thursday, 10 May 2012


Well my laptop has commited suicide and is officially no more, so sorry everyone, no updates of pictures for the time being....
All kittens are lovely fluffy bundles. We have a red boy still available and possibly one of the tortie me for details.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Kitty pics!

First individual pics of Olivia's kittens @ 3 1/2 weeks
Brown tabby boy available

 Red classic tabby boy 1 available

Red classic tabby boy 2 available

 Both boys together...

Blue/cream clssic tabby girl under assessment

Black/Red classic tortie tabby girl

Black/red tortie girl

Friday, 6 April 2012

Happy Easter! Kitten update...

April updates. Kittens are now two weeks old. We have three tortie girls and three boys, two red and a brown classic tabby. All kittens are under assessment until they are six weeks old, when they will be offered to our waiting list. Serious enquires welcome.

Friday, 23 March 2012

March News....Kittens have arrived!

Our Siberian kittens have is Anatoly and mum is Olivia. We have two red boys, one possibly classic tabby, three tortie/tortie tabby girls and one dark tabby? boy. All kittens under evaluation at the moment. Enquiries welcome. Photos to follow.

Anouska and Cassy left us for their new home with Neville and Beatrice....they are settling in well. Here are some photos...

Thursday, 23 February 2012

February Kitten News!

Our next litter of kittens is due next month. Mum is Olivia, a classic brown tabby, carrying colourpoint and dilute and dad is Anatoly.
Here are the latest pics of Aria's kittens at 10 weeks, Anouska and Cassy.Just look at those ear tufts! Will try and get some pics of Boudica at the weekend....but she moves too fast!! Aria is Olivia's mum so our next litter will be similar in looks.
 Anouska and Cassy (both reserved)

 Elijah's first kittens are also on their way out of our friend Liz's girls who came to stay recently....due March and April

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Anatoly and Aria's kittens at six weeks

Happy New Year everyone! Here are some pics of Aria's kittens....
All our kittens are now reserved. Next kittens due March/April 2012. Enquires welcome.

Witchfyre Anouska ~ Brown tabby girl  ~ reserved

Witchfyre Cassiopeia ~ Brown golden girl ~ reserved

Witchfyre Boudica ~  Seal tabby neva masquerade girl ~ future queen @ Witchfyre