Sunday, 26 December 2010

Happy Christmas!...some kitten pics at last...

Finally some pictures of our latest little darlins....
Witchfyre Chantily Lace Silver tortie tabby female Under assessment

Witchfyre Ramblin Rose Tortie tabby with red blaze female option

Witchfyre Maggie Mae Silver tortie tabby female reserved

Witchfyre Lady Elenor Tortie tabby with white female available

Witchfyre Johnny B Goode Brown tabby with white male available

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Oscar and Arthur...Nems kittens from last year

Had a lovely email from Oscar and Arthur's mum and dad with some fab photos...enjoy....

Louise said
'Oscar and Arthur make coming home every day something that we look forward to. We have been looking after them very well and they have the best of everything. Oscar is a big boy and looks like a lion. He is extremely cuddly and takes any chance he can get to snuggle up to us. He is a highly intelligent cat and has figured out how to open doors using the door handle and he still plays fetch! Arthur is tiny and very cute! He spends most of his time either eating or sitting on our laps. He is a real baby and requires non-stop cuddling for some reassurance. He absolutely loves sitting on the scratching post by the window, watching the world go by. Oscar and Arthur love each other very much. They clean and cuddle each other all the time and if we separate them they get very distressed. We are so glad we got Arthur as well; it really completed our little family. '

Saturday, 11 December 2010

A quick kitty update

A quck update on Nem's babies. We have named the little tykes and have better idea of colours now:
Witchfyre Chantily Lace Silver tortie tabby female
Witchfyre Ramblin Rose Tortie tabby with red blaze female
Witchfyre Maggie Mae Silver tortie tabby female
Witchfyre Lady Elenor Tortie tabby with white female
Witchfyre Johnny B Goode Brown tabby with white male
Those of you into music will have spotted the theme!!
Photos next this space

Monday, 6 December 2010

A fine day at the races!

This weekend was the VCC Rugby show with the Siberian Special. A small number of sibby breeders, including The Siberian Circle (Koolblue, Fluffytykes and Deleret), Musrafy, Sapphirensteel and Lyndongraey to name but a few, braved the elements and joined in the fun on Sunday.
We took our kittens. First judged was W. Silvaamune (Lavinia) and W.Sunsetstorm(Tam)...Francoise Millicent had the same problem I do and had difficulty choosing between the two and eventually put Tam Ex1 and Lavinia Ex2...cos Tam was more lively! W. Viola and W. Panthera (Aaron) was also judged by Francoise and each was awarded an Ex1. Tam and Viola were nominated for the sibby special.
The final best Siberian was Maria's Buslay Taezhnaya Skazka and best kitten Lynne's lovely baby boy Grigori...and wasnt he a cutie...tried to put him in my pocket to take him home, but was caught!!!!
W.Crouching Tiger (cubby) was judged by Angelika Kneifeland was given an Ex2 to Grigori's Ex1...she said Cubby is at that gangly stage and needed to grow into himself!
All kittens got excelent reviews and we are pleased that we are on the right lines!
One of Nem's and Belphie's granddaughters got BIS female two days running...congrats to Denise for that combination of Trinny and Harvey.
Thanks to the organisers for pulling the show off under difficult conditions, but would like to see the sibby special judged seperately from the main show with all sibbys having an even chance from all of the they do in Europe...oh and would love to have a better system to say where we are up to and a set lunch...I went for mine at 2.20pm after waiting and waiting and tummy rumbling after getting up at 3am...missed a side class for my trouble and the two judges who did not eat at the judging table went for lunch at 3.35! Most exhibitors I spoke to lost the plot at 11am and the BIS was a little disorganised with the sibby special sandwiched between the SLH and the SH BIS sections?!
Well done everyone and was great to catch up with the oldies and meet up with some of the newbies. My thanx to Andrea who helped me and was great company for the journey to and from 8 hours driving time!!!X

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Nem's kittens update

Well the kittens are ten days old today and eyes are open or opening...we have four girls and one boy. Colours are at the moment...
Tortie tabby with white female
Tortie tabby female
Tortie tabby with red blaze female
Brown? tabby with white male
Tortie tabby female

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Witchfyre Bella

A lovely message from Chrissy who adopted one of Aria/Phoenix's babies this year
'Bella is so great! She's really cheeky but really affectionate too! She loves sitting on the window ledge and teasing the big cats outside! She's started chattering too when she sees the birds! And really randomly she loves water! She likes playing with the running tap and dips her paws and nose in to it! Here's the first of a few pics, she's a sweety! X
Thanks for everything! We love her! '

Nem's babies have arrived!

Nem's babies arrived last Monday, after a slow start all doing well. We have at least two has the most amazing red blaze on her head..
Dad is Phoenix (red silver shaded), his last litter before he was neutered. It looks like possibly some golden browns (Nem's dad was golden), two kittens have white paws and chest like mum. Not sure if any silvers yet as Phoenix's babies always start off very dark, so will be a couple of weeks before I know.
I will post some pics when they are four weeks...when they look like cats! and will contact everyone who expressed an interest shortly

Monday, 15 November 2010

A fun day at TICA Elescar

We had a nice day on Sunday at TICA Elescar. We went primarily to show our BLH Charlie as TICA is currently the only UK club where he is eligible to be can see his report on our Witchstorm blog
It was an odd days judging for the sibbys. Rurik did well with three finals and Dawn's babies got a final each. Her silver, who was consistently placed fourth, suddenly got BOB in Robin Sessler's ring.
Sadly Tam did not get any finals. She got 2nd best of breed from Lisa Dickie who finaled Rurik in her speciality final. When introducing the sibbys she spent the first five minutes talking about 'a wonderful tortie smoke' (tam) who had a great body and coat and just needed to mature a little in the head...I got the feeling if her final had been all breed we might have been included! Tam made it known she hated the tanoy...and her ears go straight up when she is nervous, so some of the judges did not perhaaps see her at her best.
It was nice to catch up with some of the breeders have not seen for a while...was surprised not to see more yorkshire folk there!

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Witchfyre Titus aka Alfie

Just received this amazing picture of one of our May kittens who has gone to live with Marcus and his family near Portsmouth...what a handsome chap and a great size for six months! His dad is Phoenix and his mum Lulu. Marcus says he has a lovely laid back purrsonality which shows through in the photo dont you think?...

Saturday, 30 October 2010


Due to the potential new family's change in circumstances, we have a stunning red silver boy available now. He has been neutered and has the most delightful temperament. Genuine enquires only please. Details and pictures on the website
Elsa has gone to a lovely home in Cumbria and is enjoying her retirement and hopefully Ollie will be joining his new home in around a months time. Its always sad to see our retired cats going on...bit like when your kids leave home, but we try to make sure their homes are special and for life.
Our thanks to those special people who have taken our friends and love them as much as we do...

Monday, 30 August 2010


From 1st September 2010 WITCHFYRE SIBERIANS will become the first and only cattery in the UK to concentrate our breeding programme only on Neva Masquerade Siberians
As many of you will know it is a passion of mine to promote the colourpoint or Neva Masquerade which gives the Siberian a uniqueness not found in the two other aboriginal breeds.
There have been a number of new breeders setting up over the last two years who are excluding this colour so we feel it is important to redress the balance. Our nevas will be registered with FIFe as Neva Masquerades and GCCF and TICA as Siberians to preserve their heritage. We will continue to support the inclusion of colourpoints as a Siberian colour. We will, of course, have from time to time other colours as we use our point carriers to develop the Witchfyre Neva...

2011 will see the development of our Neva programme into silver points and we will be concentrating on the blue and blue silver. We are hoping to also work alongside a new breeder who will be concentrating on the red points.

We will no longer be making available any breeding cats on the active register except the Neva Masquerade Siberian to like-minded breeders.

Friday, 20 August 2010

Aria and babies updates

This is Witchfyre Aria a blue tabby point Neva Masquerade Siberian...and introducing her kittens at seven weeks.....

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Nem's expecting!

Our lovely Nem is expecting our final 2010 litter in September. The dad.....Ollie our fabulous colourpoint boy. We are hoping for some point babies as Nem is a point carrier...we have not had any this year as Phoenix does not appear to carry the point gene.
Those of you waiting for Neva sibbys, keep your fingers crossed :)

Sunday, 8 August 2010

To Elsa and Sam...a leopard cub!

Introducing Witchfyre Antonio aka "Cubby" as he looks like a leopard cub!! He is eight weeks today and a lively character.....a blue golden spotted tabby

Elsa pics

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Lulu babes update

Latest pics, babies are now 10 weeks, where does time go? Aaron...'don't want me picture takin...'

Lavinia...silver tortie tabby
W.Titus tabby
Tamora....tortie smoke

Aria's kittens pictures

Some quick shots taken today.... Having fun!!

Brown tabby...
W. Viola staying at Witchfyre..

Brown tortie classic?
W. Maria

Brown tabby...