Sunday, 14 May 2017

May Update

The sun is out! It does make you feel good....It also shows the cobwebs; time for a spring clean!

After a pretty hectic year, things around here are changing. Time is now a factor in everything I do and with a election looming, I just hope we get a government who represents the many and not the few.

Our cattery is undergoing a revamp. Whilst we are not having kittens we are currently working on a huge cat proofed garden 50 feet x 50 feet (thank you hubby). I will post some pictures soon.

In addition we will be decorating our kitten room over the summer holidays.

I still cannot decide on who to re-home; I love all my cats. It's a very difficult decision, but I promise to make some adults available soon. Thank you all those who have made inquires.

We will be updating our website with more cat and kitty pictures soon. You will then be able to see our focus and join Witchfyre & Witchstorm TNG (the next generation!).

If the work goes well on developing our facilities we are hoping for one litter later in the year. Watch this space.

We will also have news about a couple of new recruits joining us in the summer.

Take care