Friday, 11 January 2013

Looking forward, looking back....2013

It is always good to reflect and evaluate breeding progress. Its been seven years since we started showing and breeding our cats...where has time gone!

We are passionate about the Siberian Cat and 2012 brought us some lovely additions to our cattery.

Our first keep of 2012 was Witchfyre Boudica, the only Neva we have had for a while from a litter of three lovely girls. Dad was our homebred Witchfyre Anatoly and mum Witchfyre Aria a stunning Neva from our very first litter who has now been retired and has gone to live with her brother Adwen, who was adopted by Andrea and her family. Both cats are thoroughly spoiled and live in the type of home we would wish for all our kittens. Thankyou Andrea for looking after them so wellx

Our second litter produced a very nice tortie classic tabby girl, and although we were very tempted to keep her, she eventually went to the Sapphirensteel Siberian Cattery. Denise has had a girl from us before, Witchfyre Trinity, who went on to produce some lovely kittens who are now doing well for a number of breeders including Mykirastar Siberians.We look forward to seeing her first babies in 2013.

Our final Siberian litter produced three silver babies, a red silver boy- Silvaphoenix, a silver tabby girl- Silvanarissa and a silver tortie shaded girl- Silvalaska. Narissa has gone to join our breeder friend Lorraine of Blue Moon Siberians in Bulgaria. Before she left she gained her first Ex1. In return we have a fabulous silver and white female from Russian/Polish lines to add to our gene pool. She is stunning and promises to be an amazing Siberian. Her name is Koolblue Amelie and we will post photos soon. Laska and Phe have remained here with us. Laska has her first Ex1. Both kittens are the result of a carefully planned breeding programme, which we have been working on for the past five years, and we are so pleased with their development.

We were delighted to acquire a stunning new boy from the renowned Goldenesima cattery in Switzerland. He is a golden classic tabby who carries dilute and Neva, so will help us move our blue golden programme a step nearer to realization in 2013.

We take the opportunity here to thank all our kitten adopters who have given our babies 5* homes over the years and look forward to more of the many updates they send. Also to those wonderful families who take adults we occasionally, and reluctantly rehome to make room for our next generations.

Our first kittens are due in February between Musrafy Samurai and Witchfyre Boudica. Boudica has two CACs and need just one more to be a FIFe Champion. Sammy is from a long line of titled Siberians, his father is a Supreme Grand Champion and Regional winner (TICA). We did not show Sam as he been slow to mature, but he is now looking amazing and is a lovely example of a golden shaded Siberian. We may show him next year as a neuter when he retires next year.

We are very excited to have kittens again. As a hobby breeder we do not have more than four litters of Siberians a year, often keeping one or two babies for the next generation. It is a very time-consuming hobby and very expensive and requires immense dedication. If you are interested in joining us in our passion and having your own Siberian baby, our waiting list is now open for our 2013 litters. Our first babies are due around 18th February 2013. Kittens will only be allowed to INDOOR homes, or who have cat proofed gardens, or an exercise run attached to the house. We cannot allow kittens to roam unsupervised. Kittens can be trained to a harness if garden space is limited.

We prefer our kittens to go to PET homes but we will consider breed/show kittens to established Siberian breeders or occasionally new breeders only if you have a mentor, or are prepared to work with us. Restrictions will apply.

To contact us, visit our website for details. We look forward to meeting you!