Saturday, 27 March 2010

Preston & Blackpool CC GCCF Show 27.03.10

A good day and a chance for Aleksei to shine today:

Adinolo Aleksei Witchfyre
Merit Awarded...Very pretty boy of good balance and proportion, superb character...should do well. Jean Clare
1st AC Siberian kitten
2nd AV SLH Kitten not bred by Exhb.(4 entries)
2nd AV SLH Debutante Kitten (5 entries)
3rd AV SLH Kitten res in Lancs (5 entries)

Witchfyre Elijah
Merit Awarded...Superb boy, strong muscle and bone, lovely body length, excellent temperament. Jean Clare
1st AV SLH Kitten
3rd AC Siberian Kitten

Well done boys!