Saturday, 15 August 2009

W. Polaris aka 'Socks'

A couple of pics taken for Cherie...thought I would share with you....

Aria's Kittens....first pics

Nearly three weeks old...where did time go...These kittens are still under assesment and are not for sale at present. To register an interest email or call.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Aria's kittens update..

Aria's kittens are now a week old and have suddenly grown! It's like someone has inflated them rapidly with a balloon pump!!! I will take some pics when their eyes are fully open. Looking like some blues in there...

Nem's boys update

Witchfyre Pendragon AKA 'Arthur'

Witchfyre Potemkin AKA 'Dennis'

Witchfyre Polaris AKA 'Two Socks'

Phantom and Two Socks

Phantom and Pieter
Nem and boys

Power struggle!!!

Witchfyre Drusilla update

Leanne wrote...

Just thought I'd let you know that Drusilla is settling in great. She's got such a cheeky little temperment, its just adorable. She's been very affection and greeting anyone who comes to visit. She is also getting along great with my other girl, Willow. It's a delight to see them being so playful with each other so soon.

Thankyou and I'm so glad I found your website when I did!