Sunday, 26 July 2009

Aria's kittens have arrived! updated...

After a very long labour the tiniest kittens ever have arrived...
All well so far...looks like two girls and three boys...more updates in a week or so

Friday, 24 July 2009

The Neva Boys!!

These little boys are 3 weeks old!

Nem's babies, Pieter and Phantom

Indian Sateen 17th March 1981 - 23rd July 2009

Yesterday I lost my lovely Arabian mare Indian Sateen. She became ill six weeks ago, but despite our best efforts, we had to let her go. She was 28 years old and I first saw her as a flighty 3 month old foal, when she ran from her mum to greet me at the gate. She came to live with me at 6 months old, and has shared our good times and bad.
Words cannot express the pain I feel...
Goodnight my friend, until we meet in Summerlands...

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Witchfyre Dalziel....'Moose'

W. Moose has obviously settled in. Vikki wrote.....

'Moose is settling in fantastically - its like he's always lived here! We're both astounded at how well adjusted and fearless he is! He's the most friendly and cuddly cat I've ever come across and loves to go for a trot round the green on his little harness.... he mews for me to put it on and take him out! Pictures will follow!

He takes everything in his tiny stride... including my grumpy old moggies :-) He's already friendly with the jack russel and his favourite place to sleep is round the back of my neck.

He helps me with the cleaning also... well draped over my forearm front leg and back leg over each side! He's taken to climbing up my leg however.... which I don't think I'll allow for much longer ;-)

He's been for his first check at the vets on monday - didn't even need to take him in the carrier.. its only a couple of minutes away so we walked. He didn't much enjoy being chipped however (not surprising really!) and didn't talk to me for a couple of hours.

I honestly can't thank you enough - he far surpasses every expectation that we had and he's already trained his new slaves. He is absolutely wonderful!'

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

All settled in...

The last of our spring kittens have left. Belladonna has stayed with us, despite many requests to part with her!!!

Alex wrote...'Well, they(W.Dante and W.Drusilla) have been with us for a whole 30mins and they are playing like they own the place :-)

thank you so much!'

Nem's boys are stunning....the nevas all look like solids. All have got great heads and are very lively. These babies will be assessed at four weeks before becoming available to the waiting list.
Aria looks ready to drop....

Friday, 10 July 2009

Nem's Kittens...first photos

Had a chance to take a couple of pics. As they have started opening their eyes I cannot use the flash so will try and take some better pics next week. These kittens will be assessed between four and six weeks before becoming available.

Delyth off to her new home in London!

Delyth took the fast train to London on Monday....her new mum wrote..

'She is doing great. She is so confident and rambunctious, it took her about five minutes to feel comfortable in the flat. She and Percy are slowly getting used to each other - they chase each other around and play fight but are definitely improving every day.'

Monday, 6 July 2009

Boys and more boys!...

Nems kittens are all boys! We have a lovely bi-coloured brown tabby, a high white brown tabby and three nevas, possibly seal/seal tabby and two with white...will have to wait a little longer for colours to develop...

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Nem's Kittens have arrived!

We are pleased to announce Nem's babies have arrived...and quite a mix. Will post details in a week or so...