Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Farscape Litter at 8 weeks...

Latest pictures of the Farscape Litter...

 Witchfyre Aeryn Sun ~ reserved for Lynne and Phillip

 Witchfyre Moya ~ under observation for showing

 Witchfyre Ka Dargo ~ under observation for showing

 Witchfyre Rygel ~ available

 Witchfyre Moya and Witcfyre Rygel

Witchfyre Chiana ~ reserved for Christine

Sunday, 18 August 2013

August Updates

Well, it's been an eventful 2013 with my back operation and all, but now getting back on track. We are hoping to do some local shows over the winter (I still can't drive too far) and get out and about again. 
We have two new exciting projects on the go, including a new red programme. We will be working with two other catteries on this and hope to produce some excellent quality red series kittens over the next two or three years. Our gorgeous boy Witchfyre Phoenix (Red Silver Shaded) is a carrier of the colourpoint gene and we are keeping our fingers crossed for some Neva babies next year from him...
Our other project is with Jess who has taken a lovely boy from us. Originally we were hoping to work together here in the UK, but Jess has to return to her home in Canada for family reasons so we are keeping in touch and may have some interesting imports in a couple of years.
Finally our new boy Zandr is keeping us waiting for the special kittens we have planned, so we will have to be patient whilst he matures! 
We have one litter at present, we may run on a couple of kittens for showing as we dont have any more due just yet. Chiana is looking wonderful and has her forever home booked. Please check out the kittens page for further updates. Hopefully some new photos this week.