Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Happy New Year!

A quick note to say our website will be updated soon and kitten plans added....almost there.

We are hoping for a couple of litters this year all being well an will open our list again once we are sure kittens are on their way. Please note, we only have litters to improve the next generation of Siberian Cats. We do not breed excessively and for profit; we are not a business or pet shop. We only look to place our kittens in suitable permanent homes with owners who will love and care for their kittens forever.

There are an increasing numbers of breeders of the Siberian Cat now in the UK. Some have the health and well being of Siberian Cat at heart, others are just churning out kittens for money. Please be aware that breeders of excessive numbers of kittens in a year are kitten farms whatever they profess to be. Be cautious of cheap imports as they are often from unscrupulous breeders and may not have legitimate paperwork..

Here at Witchfyre we have been involved with the Siberian Cat since 2005 and have bred a small number of kittens over that time. We do not profess to be experts as we learn something new each litter and from each individual cat. But we know what we like and consider good health above film star looks, happily are usually fortunate to have both!

We are grateful to those breeders who have allowed their kittens to be adopted by us over the years and delighted by the many adopters who still have our babies and send news from time to time. We have some excellent original lines which combined have produced some amazing babies of all colours, of which we are very proud.

We have our fingers crossed for some lovely fluff bundles this year.

Shirley at Witchfyre Siberians
January 2018