Saturday, 18 June 2011

They're off...

Tams babies are finding their feet...they are really filling out now and one or two looking very promising...will try and get some more pics, but have visitors this weekend, so may be tight for time.
Penny's kittens are little white fluff balls, and we have more news on our witchstorm blog re Flo.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Anatoly and Borislava

Witchfyre Anatoly

Witchfyre Borislava

I was watching TV when I noticed Anatoly my camera out to take a pic...but he woke and did a mad half hour!!

Got these anyway.

Pictures of Tam's babies on my earlier post today...check them out!!

Tam and Belphie's babies

Well, tried to take some pics today, but kittens on the move!...I dont use flash at this point as they have just opened their eyes, so this is the best for now....all doing well

Check out my witchstorm blog for pics of Penny's kits...