Friday, 30 May 2014

Some quick snaps!

Two of our Valentine litter are leaving tomorrow, have taken a couple of pics, finally! We have been extra busy here due to a number of things so photos have been in short supply....I have also managed a couple of shots of our golden point Witchfyre Baroque who is now a staggering nine weeks old! Where did the time go?

Witchfyre Baroque

Witchfyre Rafferty Valentino

Witchfyre Roman Valentino

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Kitten updates May 2014

Where DOES time go? Here are some quick pictures of out latest kittens.

Witchfyre Baroque: Golden tabby point. Mum is Witchfyre Borislava, who has proved difficult to get pregnant and who finally at aged three produced this lovely boy in March.

'Rocky' is now 7 weeks old and under assessment for staying here at Witchfyre as mum will be retiring this year.

Our second litter is from the gorgeous Witchfyre Silvaphoenix and Koolblue Amelie. 
Witchfyre Hosanna!

Witchfyre Jubilation!

We are especially proud of these girls at 4 weeks, and they will be run on until the end of the year if they continue to show promise. We will hopefully show them in the autumn. Jubilation was a bit of a surprise as we did not think Amelie was a point carrier, hence the jubilation....I do love the Nevas!

Our next kittens wont be until later in the autumn as I want to paint the kitten room over the summer holidays. We have been so busy here for lots of reasons that I also need a break to catch up with my lovely cats. We will also have some adults for rehoming over the summer and a couple of older kittens in September when I finally decide which ones I am keeping....

Perhaps we will do a bit more showing. Moya is coming on in leaps and bounds and I am hopeful she will get her CH this year.Gabriel my BLH is now neutered and we will show him as a pedigree pet after his amazing Best in Show on his first outing! Watch this space!