Sunday, 14 February 2016

Cat Lovers Against Fracking!

In the US animals including cats have been killed or made ill by fracking operations. Join us in protecting those we love. Add the image and links to your websites and share with fellow breeders and owners! We the people are the real 'Northern Powerhouse'. Make a difference.

For more information:
FRACK OFF ~ lots of information about fracking and how to join a group in your area

Sunday, 7 February 2016

February Updates...

All systems are go! Laska is visiting Belenus and she seems to like him; just got to give him time as it's all new to him...

If successful kittens will arrive early to mid April. I am really looking forward to these kittens. These are two unrelated lines, so anything could happen. Goldenesima Belenus is maturing into a fabulous Siberian and Witchfyre Silvalaska, a champion, has already proved her worth.

We are hoping for a lovely girl to keep if the right type and colour, fingers crossed. XX

Our next mating will hopefully be between Valentino and Enigma in a few weeks, followed by a change in plan for Amelie. We will be introducing her to our fabulous Witchfyre Krasni Kirill in May.

Watch this space...