Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Growing Up!

Some quick snaps of the bachelor boys....

Witchfyre Sergei ~ Blue Golden Classic tabby. Sergei is nearly 5 months old and his colour is developing nicely.

Witchfyre Golden Avatar ~ Golden Mackerel Tabby. Avatar is a rich golden and just a year old.

Witchfyre Krasni Kirill ~ A wonderful rich red golden classic tabby, brother to Avatar.

and last, but not least:
Goldenesima Belenus. Blue-golden tabby point. We look forward to his first babies next year.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

October Updates

Boudica's kittens have arrived, and not without drama! Two colourpoint boys (colours to be determined) arrived, one on the night of the  'blood moon' and the second 24 hours later...

Boudica is herself a kitten that arrived 24 hours after her two sisters. We have named them Witchfyre Lunar Bear and Witchfyre Lunar Wolf. We will post some photos at six weeks.

We have decided to wait a little while before our next matings. These boys needed constant supervision every two hours due to Boudica struggling with the delivery. This is her last litter. As our new grandchild will be arriving in November, we will be too busy to have kittens around this time.

Our next kittens will be planned for 2016: 

Goldenesima Belenus & Witchfyre Laska.
Colours expected Brown or blue, black/blue silver, tortie/tortie silver, red/cream, red/cream silver mackerel or classic tabby.

Valentino Katjineva & Witchfyre Enigma
Colours expected. Red/red silver, tortie/tortie silver, black silver


? & Koolblue Amelie

Sunday, 20 September 2015

September Updates

Here are our 'thundercats' settling in their new homes.....

Witchfyre Timur aka Ollie

and Witchfyre Jashar

who has just met Witchfyre Rhianna....

We have kittens due at the end of the month from Boudica and Baroque. All kittens will be colourpoint in golden, seal, blue and blue this space!

Saturday, 22 August 2015


Just a quick note. I am changing my hosting for my website. The transfer process is usually straight forward, but there may be a gap between where the site may not be visible. If you find the site 'missing' please contact me.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Kitten Updates ~ July 2015

Here we are! The boys are now seven weeks old and doing well. Amelie has been amazing this time and has done us proud...availability will be posted soon
Witchfyre Timur "iron", blue silver classic tabby boy Reserved

Witchfyre Hariton "grace", blue silver/golden classic tabby boy

Witchfyre Jasha "the supplanter", golden and white classic tabby boy

Witchfyre Sergei "exhulted one", blue golden classic tabby boy. Staying in cattery

Witchfyre Stasik "stand of glory", Black silver classic tabby boy. Reserved

Monday, 8 June 2015

Our first kittens of 2015!

Our first Siberian babies of 2015 have arrived. ALL BOYS!! Mum and babies doing well. Pictures will be posted in a few weeks. Available kittens will be posted on our website and visits will be scheduled from the middle of July, so keep your diaries free.

Our next litters will be planned for September; hopefully another Siberian litter and a British Shorthair litter. These will depend on the cats as both boys will be new to stud work.

Thursday, 28 May 2015


Where does time go? Just spent the best part of the week getting the kitten room ready again for the patter of tiny paws.....
Our last babies were born last September, so a big gap for us. Amelie's babies hopefully due next week all being well.

Here are a couple of beautiful photos of Rhianna, one of our last years babies..isn't she amazing. Thanks to Bryony for this photo who says 'she enjoyed the winter in front of the fire, likes David Attenborough documentaries and chasing her small toy robin and any ribbons'

More updates soon.....

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Witchfyre Krasni Kirill BIV SLH Kitten Lancashire Cat Club 2015 ~ photos

A couple of pics of Kras with his BOB rosette before he claimed BIS SLH kitten at Lancashire Cat Club Show 2015 Our thanks to BIV Judge D Butters who thought so highly of this boy.

Link to results:

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Lancashire Cat Club Show 14th March 2015

Finally got to venture out to a show today, first in about a year! We took the lovely Witchfyre Krasni Kirill. We are pleased, at his first ever show, he achieved 1st breed class, Best of Breed and Best in Variety SLH Kitten out of 32 entries! Just waiting for critiques. BIV judge wanted to take him home...well done my lovely red boy!

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!
Apologies, but we have been run off our feet with one thing and another! Please note, we no longer use facebook....was becoming a virtual nightmare.....we will continue our updates here.

We will post our kittens plans soon as we will be taking a break until spring due to work commitments.
 Our website will be updated soon