Saturday, 8 September 2012

2012 September updates

We have two lovely Siberian boys still available, please, no more timewasters!
Witchfyre Silvaphoenix, a lovely big red silver boy, with a super personality. He aims to please, is very active, and loadsa fun.
Witchfyre Sunspear. Little Sunny, a red classic tabby, was the smallest in the litter and we kept him back to catch up. He never stops purring. He has already been neutered.
Both kittens are available now. We wont have anymore Siberian kittens available until later next year as we have some new babies arriving soon, and we will hopefully be visiting some shows over the winter. We have some exciting plans for next year! Watch this space.....
We also have two fabulous golden tabby British Shortahair boys ready soon. Will consider show/breed homes as both boys carry the rare blue golden colour and are suitable for developing the British Longhair breed as they carry longhair.