Friday, 15 April 2011

The Wild Bunch...latest pics

Here are the latest pics of the brood...they all had last vaccinations today and all passed their health checks with flying colours. Chen is off to her new breeder mommy on Thursday and the other two are staying here for now...


  1. WOW just look at these guys. They are huge !!!
    Your boy is stunning and the girls are great too. All very promising.
    Lovely pics.

  2. Gorgeous Babies, great keeper :)the person having Chen is very lucky too :)

  3. Lovely babies Shirley! stunning litter- you must be very proud. Hope to meet them at a show later in the year! Xx Melanie

  4. Gorgeous! Great pictures. They have grown up beautifully.

    D x

  5. Thanks everyone.
    I am so pleased with this litter, considering it wasn't in my plans as I was going to retire Lulu last year!
    Lavinia, my Lulu daughter will hopefully visit Sam in the summer for autumn kittens, fingers crossed...poss goldens!
    Chen is going to be shown by her new mum, but I am strugggling to get to any this year. Fife has become a 'southern' club and we have not had a show less than 3 hours drive from me. I will go to Rugby, but that's a long way off(time and distance!).
    The nearest TICA for me is when I am on hols, so will have to wait til Elescar.
    GCCF are uping their game after June, so will see if anything in my range...
    Take care everyone and enjoy your kittens...X

  6. Lovely to see them Shirley and you must be really pleased with the litter! They have grown beautifully - and I'll be keen to see how they progress.

    Hopefully we will see you soon at a Show - and just think - 5 and a half hours is our closest!! However, with Intermediate from June - GCCF shows will be nice for a change - and we have those within 40 minutes to just over an hour and a quarter - so that will be great!

    Have fun with those babies!

    Lesley x