Sunday, 1 May 2011

Our next kittens are due...

Our next kittens are due at the end of May.

CH Belphegor D'Artannes (Belphie) and Witchfyre Sunsetstorm (Tam) are our next Siberian kittens. All colours expected including silvers, tabby and self, and possibly colourpoints.

Burleaway Ace of Wands (Charlie) and Pencambria Gorawen (Penny), our first British Shorthair/Longhair kittens. Colours expected black tipped (silver) and golden tipped, shorthair and possible longhair.

Aria is visiting Aaron...he's new at this so could take some time!
More details on our website and updates as soon as kittens arrive. Enquires welcome.

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  1. Great news Shirley. Will be really interested to see your first British Shorthair/Longhair kittens - Absolutely loved your British Longhair - and the babies will be lovely - as of course will the Siberians!!