Sunday, 30 July 2017

It's July...just! New Cat Enclosure

Busy, busy busy! 
As promised; some photos of our new outside cat-proof garden. It measures 50ft by 50ft! At the moment we have only grass (and a few weeds) but over the next twelve months we will be planting cat safe flora and fauna....
With thanks to my ever resourceful hubby, Fine Mesh Metals , Derek Fox Timber and Protectapet mesh we now have a great place for our cats to hang out.

So far tested with British Shorthair neuters, Siberian neuters and Siberian escapes to date.

View of our existing stud pen with mesh top fence attached.

 View of the shelter from outside the enclosure.

 View from the gate

 Detail of fixings

 View from the shelter inside the enclosure...oh and a cat!

 View of detail of overhang netting and homemade brackets

 View of shelter complete with ivy!

 Temporary climbing frame made from old coffee table, planks, blocks and dead tree.

 View from opposite corner towards shelter.

If you are interested in how we made the enclosure, drop us an email. The total cost for land clear with digger, grass, poles, netting, brackets and shelter came to around £3000 for 2500 square feet of space (approx £1.20 square foot).