Saturday, 26 June 2010

Pictures at last!!!!

At last some pics of Lulu and Phoenix's babies!

This as Tamora and Aaron.

I love Tamora's look and am finding it hard to decide between the two girls...

Here are the lovely Lavinia and Titus

Lavinia is staying here at Witchfyre and Titus is under assessment for breed/show.

Here is the cutest Aaron, smallest but the most forward. I had a little back girl in Lulu's first litter and she turned out bigger than all the others...I have to say there's nothing more stunning than a black Siberian!

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Kitten news...

Elsa produced one baby boy? by Sammy on Sunday, he is a brown mackerel tabby so no goldens this time.
Lulu's kittens are coming on well and will get some photos up this weekend....had an accident over the half term whilst walking my dog and ended up with two badly sprained ankles, so everything takes ten times as long to do! (and you try getting up a ladder to the loo with sore feet...for those of you out of the loop we are having new stairs put in!)
All kittens are still under evaluation as I will be keeping one or two as these girls are retiring this time. Please be patient...
Aria is due from 8th July so looking forward to these kittens from her and Phoenix.