Thursday, 18 August 2011

Some news at Witchfyre...

Well, not posted for a while, have been to sunny Italy, visiting some of the great cities and enjoying the art and culture! My first holiday for 10 years..
We have three kittens available as I have not been able to answer the phone to arrange visits and folk go elsewhere!
We have:
Witchfyre Roma a blue solid boy
Witchfyre Firenze a brown tabby boy
and one of:
Witchfyre Napoli a black smoke girl
Witchfyre Venezia a black/red tortie smoke girl
Witchfyre Milano black solid boy is reserved for Paul and Witchfyre Verona silver tabby is currently optioned.
Yes you guessed the Italian trip!!
Our last kittens for 2011 will hopefully be between Sam and Lavinia. These will be due October onwards. We expect silvers brown tabbys and possibly goldens. No points as Sam is not a point carrier.
Hopefully there will be a special keep as we are retiring Sam.
Well, next spring we are hoping for kittens from Anatoly and Olivia (both classics) and Alex and the beautiful Borislava.
Despite trying for colourpoints this year, nature pulled a fast one and we are still waiting. Both Olivia and Bo carry the point gene and we are having the boys tested but are hopeful....
These will be our last Sibbys until at least the end of 2012 as we are to be grandparents in January! and will be if you are wanting a Witchfyre kitten get in touch. Although we are a large cattery in numbers we try to limit our litters to two a year or three if the first two are small as the Siberian is still a relatively unknown breed.
So, due to our break we will be rehoming some of our young adults. I will post availability on my website as soon as I have decided which ones and when.
This will be my last post until our next kittens arrive. We have BSH kittens planned for October and Chinchillas just can follow my witchstorm blog for updates...