Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Growing Up!

Some quick snaps of the bachelor boys....

Witchfyre Sergei ~ Blue Golden Classic tabby. Sergei is nearly 5 months old and his colour is developing nicely.

Witchfyre Golden Avatar ~ Golden Mackerel Tabby. Avatar is a rich golden and just a year old.

Witchfyre Krasni Kirill ~ A wonderful rich red golden classic tabby, brother to Avatar.

and last, but not least:
Goldenesima Belenus. Blue-golden tabby point. We look forward to his first babies next year.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

October Updates

Boudica's kittens have arrived, and not without drama! Two colourpoint boys (colours to be determined) arrived, one on the night of the  'blood moon' and the second 24 hours later...

Boudica is herself a kitten that arrived 24 hours after her two sisters. We have named them Witchfyre Lunar Bear and Witchfyre Lunar Wolf. We will post some photos at six weeks.

We have decided to wait a little while before our next matings. These boys needed constant supervision every two hours due to Boudica struggling with the delivery. This is her last litter. As our new grandchild will be arriving in November, we will be too busy to have kittens around this time.

Our next kittens will be planned for 2016: 

Goldenesima Belenus & Witchfyre Laska.
Colours expected Brown or blue, black/blue silver, tortie/tortie silver, red/cream, red/cream silver mackerel or classic tabby.

Valentino Katjineva & Witchfyre Enigma
Colours expected. Red/red silver, tortie/tortie silver, black silver


? & Koolblue Amelie