Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Happy Christmas!

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Exciting news!

We are pleased to announce Siberian kittens due in January between our lovely Boudica and the stunning Xandr. We expect golden, blue golden, brown/seal and blue in tabby and colourpoint. These are Xandr's first babies and we are very excited as Boudica gave us three stunning boys last year, so we are hoping for something very special from these two. Enquires welcome.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Witchfyre Ka D'Argo ~ available

Witchfyre Ka D'Argo, red spotted Siberian male 26.06.2013. Placed 1st Siberian male kitten (breed class) GCCF Yorkshire and North of Britain joint show October 2013.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

More show news...

Witchfyre Silvalaska 1st GCCF CC at Cheshire ACC. 1st and BOB. Thanks to Helen Marriott-Power. Also first AV SLH Debutante Adult. 
Well done Laska, even though you thought it all overwhelming and came out of your pen reluctantly clutching your blanket!!

Results in for Yorkshire CC and North of Britain LH and SLH CC joint show 26th October 2013:
Witchfyre Moya
1st in class, BOB both shows, three 1sts and two 2nds in side classes including Siberian Cat Club class where she beat a two year old CH Siberian male! 
Witchfyre Ka Dargo
Ist in class both shows and 2x 3rd place for side classes
We are very proud of our babies....

Show reports


Saturday, 2 November 2013

November updates....

We have decided to make Witchfyre Ka D'Argo available. He recently achieved 1st in his breed class at both the Yorkshire CCC and the NBLH&SLH CC joint show at Doncaster last weekend, plus 2 3rd places against other breeds in side classes. He is offered as stud potential or possible show neuter/pet. He is going to be a good size and has a particularly nice coat. He is a beautiful shade of red spotted and may carry point and dilute (test available). His father is golden. Photos soon.
If you are interested, give me a call or email and we can discuss further.

We have Golden and blacktipped BLH/SH kittens due soon. Go to our Witchstorm blog for updates.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

October updates

Where has time gone......

Witchfyre Moya

Three of the kittens from our Farscape litter have now left, Chiana, Aeryn Sun and Rygel. We are hanging on to Moya and Ka Dargo for a little while as we will be showing  them, then one or both may become available.
We don't appear to have any more Siberian babies due just now, its taking time for our new boys to get the hang of this 'stud thing'!
We are making some big changes to our cattery over the next twelve months and have some exciting plans for next year all being this space!

Also keep an eye on updates on our website and our facebook page

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Farscape Litter at 8 weeks...

Latest pictures of the Farscape Litter...

 Witchfyre Aeryn Sun ~ reserved for Lynne and Phillip

 Witchfyre Moya ~ under observation for showing

 Witchfyre Ka Dargo ~ under observation for showing

 Witchfyre Rygel ~ available

 Witchfyre Moya and Witcfyre Rygel

Witchfyre Chiana ~ reserved for Christine

Sunday, 18 August 2013

August Updates

Well, it's been an eventful 2013 with my back operation and all, but now getting back on track. We are hoping to do some local shows over the winter (I still can't drive too far) and get out and about again. 
We have two new exciting projects on the go, including a new red programme. We will be working with two other catteries on this and hope to produce some excellent quality red series kittens over the next two or three years. Our gorgeous boy Witchfyre Phoenix (Red Silver Shaded) is a carrier of the colourpoint gene and we are keeping our fingers crossed for some Neva babies next year from him...
Our other project is with Jess who has taken a lovely boy from us. Originally we were hoping to work together here in the UK, but Jess has to return to her home in Canada for family reasons so we are keeping in touch and may have some interesting imports in a couple of years.
Finally our new boy Zandr is keeping us waiting for the special kittens we have planned, so we will have to be patient whilst he matures! 
We have one litter at present, we may run on a couple of kittens for showing as we dont have any more due just yet. Chiana is looking wonderful and has her forever home booked. Please check out the kittens page for further updates. Hopefully some new photos this week.

Friday, 19 July 2013

July Updates...

Latest kittens ~ the Farscape litter
Kittens are now three weeks old and are very active and cute! Rygel loves to lie in my palm and have his tummy ticked. They all follow me like little puppies and each already has his/her own distinct personality...

Witchfyre Aeryn Sun ~ female tortie

Witchfyre Chiana ~ silver or smoke female

The girls

Witchfyre Ka Dargo ~red male

Witchfyre Moya ~ tortie female

Witchfyre Rygel ~ red silver male

Sunday, 30 June 2013

June Updates...

Our 2013 summer kittens are here! 

These are Sammy's last babies and mum is Silvaamune. We have five babies, a red boy, red silver probably shaded, boy, two tortie girls and a silver possibly tortie, all doing well. We will post first photos at three weeks as usual, so keep checking back.

Autumn 2013 kittens.

The mating has taken place between Zandr and Laska. We are crossing our fingers and toes and if successful, kittens will arrive around the end of August.

We are also hoping for British Longhair kittens in August. Further details will be posted on our Witchstorm website and blog.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Valentine Litter ~ Romeo

A lovely email from Romeo's new family...
Romeo (now called 'feather' by the children!) has settled VERY nicely. He sleeps with my daughter who also carries him around non stop during the day. They love him as do we all!  He's been to the vet and he goes in this week for neutering and micro chipping. He's very happy and very comfortable around everyone including our daily hoovering :) 

I hope all is well with you? Thank you! 

Monday, 17 June 2013

Valentine litter...Rafael

and another lovely email from Stef and family who took Rafael from our Valentine litter...
Just a quick email to let you know Rafael is settling in well. He's still called Rafael for the moment, the children can't agree on a name so he might stay as Rafael.
He's had his vet check and everything is fine. 
He's such a lovely natured cat, a real cuddly boy and very playful. We couldn't have asked for better. Him and Jude spent most of this morning playing ball, then having a cuddle on the settee watching cbeebies. I've included a pic of him having a well earned rest! 

Sunny and Olivia

A lovely email from Lynn and family who recently took Olivia and Sunny....both are doing well, and we love having them. In the evenings they have a mad dash around the house, we hear them skidding on the hard floor downstairs, and then they chase each other back upstairs and into every room. Eventually after dashing about for about five minutes they come to our room and settle for the night. Both sleep on our bed, Olivia for the whole night, Sunny for most of the night. Olivia also comes and 'grooms' me during the night if she wants to play.....I usually just move her down to the bottom of the bed and then she goes to sleep. But I love the 'grooming'..I just feel the bed moving behind me, and then feel this little sandpaper tongue licking my hair and scalp. So sweet. She also tends to follow me around. So at night she waits until I go upstairs then she follows me. They have truly completed our family. I can't imagine life without them now. 

Wednesday, 12 June 2013


Romeo has now found his forever home with a lovely family from London. Thankyou everyone who enquired after this lovely boy.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Our Summer/Autumn Kitten Plans

We have a litter due June from Musrafy Samurai and Witchfyre Silvaamune. This will be Sammy's last litter. We have one space left on our waiting list.
Our Summer/Autumn plans will hopefully see kittens from our new boy Goldenesima Alexandr. We will open our lists when pregnancies confirmed. All plans subject to the cats!! Contact me to register your interest.

Friday, 24 May 2013

Valentine Litter update

The Valentine litter are ready to leave. Rudolf has gone to Scotland to be a future stud, Romeo is under assessment and may be available soon (foreground) and Rafael will be leaving us in a week when his new family return from their holidays....

We have kittens due June, website will be updated soon......waiting list open

Friday, 10 May 2013

May Updates...

Thank you to all those who have called and emailed recently after my spinal surgery. It will take some time to recover, but I am hoping I can get back to work by September.

Thank you, also, for all those who have sent supporting emails regarding the recent events regarding the postings on a fellow breeder's blogger, it is good to know there are 'adults' out their who can make their up their own minds!

To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any (wo)man.
William Shakespeare

Kitten updates:
Our Valentine litter is nearly ready to leave. They are 13 weeks on Tuesday. Vaccinations went well and all clear on health checks. Ruddy is off to a new potential breeder, and Raffy to live with Stephanie and family when they return from their holiday.

Romeo has become free again due to a change in circumstances. He is a lovely yellow-golden spotted. I am going to run him on for a few weeks as I cannot see anyone just yet, and he is a nice type, but a little smaller than his siblings, so it will give him a chance to catch up.

I am hopeful that Borislava is expecting to our new boy Goldenesima Alexandr. She is showing early signs, so will be keeping fingers (and toes, if I could) crossed.

Sammy and Silvaamune are back together, so hoping that there may be kittens from them in June/July.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

April updates...

Our waiting list is now closed for our next litters. We are proud at Witchfyre to breed responsibly and only breed for our next generation. We only take a few names on our lists so that you can be assured that you will not have to wait too long! We have recently heard of breeders taking excessive numbers of advanced deposits for kittens with no matings even taking place and others producing three or four litters at a time. These are not hobby breeders and we caution anyone who is considering buying kittens from these commercial catteries.
On a lighter note here are our lovely Valentine litter boys at six weeks. We are very pleased with their development.
 Witchfyre Rudolf Valentino
 Family photo
 Rafael and Rudolf
 Rafael, the playful one!
 Romeo and Rafael
 Romeo and Rudolf
 Witchfyre Rafael Valentino
 Witchfyre Romeo Valentino

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Kitten update

Well, Boudica's kittens are coming on in leaps and bounds! We currently have one boy under assessment for show/breed and the others are currently spoken for. Romeo is a sweet boy, who loves his tummy tickled. Rafael also likes a cuddle and is very curious. Rudolf is under assessment, he is a big kitten compared to his brothers and we will wait and see how he develops. He is showing promise at this stage for show/breed. Rosie is the quietest and smallest of the group.

Lavinia (Witchfyre Silvaamune) is currently visiting her long time beau Sammy (Musrafy Samurai) and we are hoping to have kittens mid to late May. Colours expected: Silver, brown tabby, red/red silver (boys). Last year we had a silver tabby girl, who is now in Europe, and a silver shaded tortie tabby girl, who we retained. Both girls achieved their Ex1 from FIFe judges.(The Excellent assessment means they achieved more than 85 points out of a hundred. Points are given against the breed standard, the higher the points, the better the cat!).  We also retained their brother, a red silver shaded boy. His colour is fabulous and we are hoping for kittens from him in the autumn. He will also have the pleasure of a red lady next year, so hoping for all red/red silver babies! We have not shown Phe due to my back problem, but as soon as we can, we will get him to a show, now he has matured a little. He is a good strong boned large male, who may carry golden. For more information about Lavinia's next babies

Borislava is now courting our new boy Zandr, just waiting for love to blossom! More info

Our friend Liz from Bristol has kittens due hopefully in April. Dad is Witchfyre Anatoloy. Hopefully colourpoint kittens in this litter. Contact me for details.

Our waiting lists will be open again once pregnancy's confirmed. We will contact those on our mailing list as soon as we have news.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Introducing...Koolblue Amelie

Introducing Koolblue Amelie.
Amelie is a beautiful silver with white and brings a new line to the Witchfyre cattery. She is seven and a half months old. We look forward to showing her as soon as my back is better!
Our thanks to Lorraine for this wonderful cat...the best yet!

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Valentine Litter ~ first pics

First pictures of the Valentine Litter. All kittens are on hold or under observation. Enquires still welcome. Our next litters planned for May. Colours expected, silver, brown tabby, blue tabby, golden tabby and possible blue golden and blue silver and neva masquerade (colourpoint).

 Witchfyre Rafael Valentino

 Witchfyre Rudolf Valentino

 Witchfyre Romeo Valentino

 Witchfyre Red Rose Valentina