Monday, 30 August 2010


From 1st September 2010 WITCHFYRE SIBERIANS will become the first and only cattery in the UK to concentrate our breeding programme only on Neva Masquerade Siberians
As many of you will know it is a passion of mine to promote the colourpoint or Neva Masquerade which gives the Siberian a uniqueness not found in the two other aboriginal breeds.
There have been a number of new breeders setting up over the last two years who are excluding this colour so we feel it is important to redress the balance. Our nevas will be registered with FIFe as Neva Masquerades and GCCF and TICA as Siberians to preserve their heritage. We will continue to support the inclusion of colourpoints as a Siberian colour. We will, of course, have from time to time other colours as we use our point carriers to develop the Witchfyre Neva...

2011 will see the development of our Neva programme into silver points and we will be concentrating on the blue and blue silver. We are hoping to also work alongside a new breeder who will be concentrating on the red points.

We will no longer be making available any breeding cats on the active register except the Neva Masquerade Siberian to like-minded breeders.


  1. This is exciting news Shirley - and I would like to wish you all the very best. I am one of the 'new breeders' who are not breeding Neva Masquerade - I made the choice having previously bred Birmans - my choice of 'masked' cat would always return to Birman. I think the Neva Masquerade are very attractive cats - and I know that many many people love them. They do well at shows, and have a place in the Siberian of course.

    I think this is an exciting time for Witchfyre - and I hope that your plans all come to fruition. The co-operation between yourself and a new breeder, who will be concentrating on Red Points - sounds interesting - Red is my favourite colour in Siberian - so I'll be keen to see what the future brings.

    With best wishes -

    Lesley x

  2. yes, a lot of Birman breeders are moving into Sibbys and I can understand the reason for their chice of colour and something different. The great thing about cpoint sibbys is they get darker with age, the colour covering more and more of the cat...quite unique I think. I have been thinking about breeding just Neva sibbys for a while but wanted to put the silver option in, hence my keeps this year. I think my final decision came when creating this site and the pic of Witchfyre Belenus...who wouldnt want to own a cat like him...

  3. Oh - thank you for the link Shirley - I've just checked it. I'll be following updates etc. It is true - many Birman breeders do seem to be moving into the Siberian. Mind you - its 20 odd years since I had my Birmans - but interesting to see some of the 'old faces' are still around! I think having the Silver option in the Neva will be excellent - and I do look forward to seeing how things develop for you and others with whom you are working. It is an exciting time for sure - and I imagine that 2011 will be the start of a whole new era for you and your cats. I am looking forward to seeing the results - and I mean that sincerely. Lesley x