Sunday, 26 December 2010

Happy Christmas!...some kitten pics at last...

Finally some pictures of our latest little darlins....
Witchfyre Chantily Lace Silver tortie tabby female Under assessment

Witchfyre Ramblin Rose Tortie tabby with red blaze female option

Witchfyre Maggie Mae Silver tortie tabby female reserved

Witchfyre Lady Elenor Tortie tabby with white female available

Witchfyre Johnny B Goode Brown tabby with white male available


  1. Lovely to see the kittens Shirley! Rambling Rose is very lovely with that red blaze - but aren't they all gorgeous........ Look forward to seeing them growing up x

  2. thanks girls...hoping you both are having a great christmas holiday and babies not running you too ragged!!

  3. Shirley - its lovely to have kittens around after such a very long time! Hope that you all had a lovely Christmas and I hope that 2011 will be good to us all :))

  4. Gorgeous babies as always Shirley :)

    x x