Monday, 15 November 2010

A fun day at TICA Elescar

We had a nice day on Sunday at TICA Elescar. We went primarily to show our BLH Charlie as TICA is currently the only UK club where he is eligible to be can see his report on our Witchstorm blog
It was an odd days judging for the sibbys. Rurik did well with three finals and Dawn's babies got a final each. Her silver, who was consistently placed fourth, suddenly got BOB in Robin Sessler's ring.
Sadly Tam did not get any finals. She got 2nd best of breed from Lisa Dickie who finaled Rurik in her speciality final. When introducing the sibbys she spent the first five minutes talking about 'a wonderful tortie smoke' (tam) who had a great body and coat and just needed to mature a little in the head...I got the feeling if her final had been all breed we might have been included! Tam made it known she hated the tanoy...and her ears go straight up when she is nervous, so some of the judges did not perhaaps see her at her best.
It was nice to catch up with some of the breeders have not seen for a while...was surprised not to see more yorkshire folk there!

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  1. Shirley it was lovely to see you at Elsecar. Tam looked lovely - great colours! I liked her when she was little and she is growing nicely. Results in kittens were odd - over the entire weekend!

    Charlie is stunning - I could have stolen him. BLH are a fantastic breed - and I really look forward to see more of them!

    Its odd - I reckoned there weren't a huge contingent of Yorkshire people - but then there may have been 'Trouble at Mill'!!! LOLOL

    Lesley x