Saturday, 12 November 2011

Here we are.....kittens at 3 weeks

Our lovely Sam and Lavinia babies are now three weeks old and have been waiting to take these pictures as we do not use flash between eight and 20 days due to possible eye damage. All kittens doing very well and have now escaped the kittening box and are on the prowl....
All kittens are currently under assessment. Our waiting list is full.

Witchfyre Dubrava, brown tabby girl

 Witchfyre Fabian, silver shaded? tabby boy

Witchfyre Galochka, brown tabby girl

Witchfyre Elisaveta, silver tortie tabby girl


  1. My word these little guys have shot up!!
    What pretty colours too. Lovely litter Shirley :)

  2. Lovely! they are so cute at this age, they are so cute at any age! xx

  3. Oh - lovely babies Shirley - congratulations - great to see them xx