Friday, 28 October 2011

Our kittens are one week old

 The jury is still out on exact sex of kittens, and indeed colours. Had this problem last time with Sam and Lulu's babies, so am taking a best estimate at this point. Kitten 1 probably a brown tabby, pictured above we are not sure, girl or boy, so watch this space...
 Kitten 2 pictured above we think most likely a girl and possibly a tortie tabby.
 kitten 3 pictured above most likely a boy, could be a silver with gold
Kitten 4 most likely a boy, possibly silver.
More updates in a couple of weeks when we will know whether boys/girls and better idea of colours....keep watching :)


  1. What a great bunch of unisex kittens you have there Shirley lol !
    Really looking forward to seeing how they develop as always x

  2. yes, its driving me crazy...have on occasion had one in a litter with a question mark, but all four! My British were obvious from birth and I've had John check them out too and he's not sure....just gonna have to be patient....have had a lot of enquires for girls.
    Thanx all for comments