Thursday, 10 February 2011

Lu's kittens updates - 4 weeks old

Some pictures taken yesterday, the kittens are now four weeks old. All kittens currently under assessment.
Witchfyre Anatoly...classic tabby

Anatoly and Chernavka
Anatoly and Borislava
Chernavka, Borislava and Anatoly
Witchfyre Chernavka

Chernavka and Borislava, as you can see there is not much difference between the girls...
Witchfyre Borislava


  1. gorgeous kittens Shirley..very chunky and huge heads I especially like Chernava

  2. Gorgeous Shirley ! They are very cute aren't they!

    Denise x

  3. Three little stunners Shirley. Love their look. Great bone and coat on all of them.
    Beautiful expressions. x

  4. Lovely to see them Shirley - and they look like they will be full of mischief! Developing very nicely!