Sunday, 6 February 2011

call yourself a cat breeder!!!

Well, looking at our new babies this morning, got to thinking the brown tabbys looked very girly...checked the bits again and, hey presto.....Boris is actually Borislava and Chekov will have to be renamed Chernavka(pretty)...the last time I looked was at three days old....Anatoly, the classic is still a boy!
So Jackie, they say if you wish hard enough.......

Some individual photos hopefully later


  1. lol very funny, it is hard to tell sometimes when they are wriggling so much, jackie will be pleased :-) I guess by the size of them you just assumed hey! some big girls for sure x

  2. yes, and being mad busy with work and bringing up five other bundles of fun, it just passed me by to check again around two weeks which I generally do!

  3. Loving Chernavka, very pretty expression and nice broad head. You've set me off now...I hate you !!!

  4. I know how you feel having two litters and full time work still great fun, wudn't have it any other way x