Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Latest news...

Nem's kittens went off to the vets last night for their 9 week check and first vaccination. All passed with flying colours and no effects from the jab..playtime was just as hectic!!!
Elly, Johnny and Maggie are now reserved. Thankyou for all those who enquired. Elly is off to live with Pat who is also taking Nem, so mum and daughter have a forever home together.

Tilly is under assessment and Rose is optioned, but we are still taking enquires for these two pending final decisions.

Lu's new kittens are coming on in leaps and bounds...it looks like the classic is definately at least a golden brown and probably a golden. The other two am not sure yet. All kittens have topped the 300g mark and all have lovely heads. Eyes are open and lungs are big...they are all mummy's kittys and are very loud when they want to get back to her...
Will try and get some pics of all the kittens this weekend...watch this space

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