Saturday, 15 January 2011

Kittie updates and new arrivals!

Nem's Kittens:
We have just one lovely brown tortie tabby and white girl awaiting her new family. Lady Elenor is a lovely chunky girl and has a very strong character...she knows what she wants!! She is the lovely kitten on the right.
Nem's other babies are:
Johnny B Goode...reserved for Pauline and Chris
Maggie Mae...Reserved for Veronique
Rambiln Rose...Option
Chantilly Lace...under assessment.
New Arrivals:
Lulu produced us three lovely kittens from the gorgeous Sam on Wednesday, all doing well and growing at a fantastic rate. We have two mack? and a classic tabby, possibly all golden/brown gold. We may consider one of these kittens available for breeding, we'll see how thay develop. They will all carry blue. Lulu is a fabulous producer and is the mum of Tam, Lavinia and Aaron, all who got either Ex1, (Tam, Viola ...both also nom sibby special...and Aaron) and Ex2, Lavinia (both Tam and Lavinia in same class, the judge found it hard to pick between the two!!) at the Rugby VCC show in December. She is also the mum of our fab colourpoint Ollie. Enquires welcome.


  1. Congrats on new babies, sam finally did it!

  2. Congratulations on the litter Shirley - look forward to seeing them soon. x

  3. Thanx
    The boys are coming on already weighs 265g at 5 days! the others not far behind....