Sunday, 24 January 2016

Patience List 2016 kittens

Our limited 2016 pet kitten list is filling up fast! If you have not returned your questionnaire please do this asap! We have plans for kittens in the spring 2016. Colours expected: Brown tabby, golden tabby, blue, blue golden, Red, silver; all with or without white & possibly colourpoint.

Please do not ask to join our list if you have made serious inquires elsewhere. We are very busy and are only looking for suitable adopters who want a quality kitten to adopt from us; not anyone who has made inquires elsewhere/timewasters. 

As this may be our last year for kittens due to a planned break, we are opening a limited waiting list of just six names(now renamed the patience list!) for pet kittens.Please note kittens will be offered first to our list this year and is limited to just six people. After this we will hold a reserve list. If you are thinking of a Witchfyre kitten don't delay, contact me now!

Can we remind people who contact us regarding the list that if you are considering a Witchfyre or Witchstorm kitten, please read the following:

Please be prepared to wait up to twelve months for a kitten. We do not breed 'on demand' ....we are not a pet shop.

We do not allow kittens to be adopted on a sale or return basis in case it does not fit with your children, lifestyle or match your decor! If this is you please reconsider adopting a pet...

For those genuine cat lovers, who are willing to wait and would give up everything for their cat we look forward to hearing from you. 
For the time being, thankyou to all the wonderful people who have adopted our kittens, recently and over the years. We look forward to your updates!

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