Thursday, 23 July 2015

Kitten Updates ~ July 2015

Here we are! The boys are now seven weeks old and doing well. Amelie has been amazing this time and has done us proud...availability will be posted soon
Witchfyre Timur "iron", blue silver classic tabby boy Reserved

Witchfyre Hariton "grace", blue silver/golden classic tabby boy

Witchfyre Jasha "the supplanter", golden and white classic tabby boy

Witchfyre Sergei "exhulted one", blue golden classic tabby boy. Staying in cattery

Witchfyre Stasik "stand of glory", Black silver classic tabby boy. Reserved


  1. What gorgeous kittens. All look very promising.
    Lovely to see them. :-)

  2. Thanx Jackie. They are one of the best litters I have had. I've had a lot of interest in them! I am running on the blue golden for now to see how he matures. He's not the best looks wise but is the colour I have been working on. Stasik and Jasha are definitely show quality at this stage. Hariton is the image of his dad as a kitten, and Timur or 'Tiny Tim' as he is known is the boss!