Sunday, 14 September 2014

September 2014 Updates

Our first litter of Autumn babies has arrived.

Goldenesima Alexandr x Witchfyre Moya 10.09.2014

We have a golden tabby boy, a dark red classic tabby boy, a neva/colourpoint boy, possibly flame point and a brown possibly tortie classic tabby girl. All babies doing well and mum doing a great job!


  1. Love them and you have a sweet little golden baby.

  2. Thankyou Jackie. It turns out I have two goldens in the litter. The colourpoint boy is also a golden point. Am very pleased, have been working towards this for some time, Moya has not let me down! The red is also a lovely shade of auburn, probably due to the golden in the gene pool. Chances are he also is golden underneath the red masking gene...