Monday, 17 June 2013

Sunny and Olivia

A lovely email from Lynn and family who recently took Olivia and Sunny....both are doing well, and we love having them. In the evenings they have a mad dash around the house, we hear them skidding on the hard floor downstairs, and then they chase each other back upstairs and into every room. Eventually after dashing about for about five minutes they come to our room and settle for the night. Both sleep on our bed, Olivia for the whole night, Sunny for most of the night. Olivia also comes and 'grooms' me during the night if she wants to play.....I usually just move her down to the bottom of the bed and then she goes to sleep. But I love the 'grooming'..I just feel the bed moving behind me, and then feel this little sandpaper tongue licking my hair and scalp. So sweet. She also tends to follow me around. So at night she waits until I go upstairs then she follows me. They have truly completed our family. I can't imagine life without them now. 

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