Sunday, 11 December 2011

An early present from Santa!

Aria's kittens arrived on Tuesday, two lovely brown tabby boys? is our fab Witchfyre Anatoly. This was an extra litter due to a special request and are Anatoly's first babies.
Was a little disappointed no colourpoints....then 24 hours later (is this a record?) my little miracle arrived! Our first colourpoint of the year, we think a girl...she hopefully will take over from mum who will retire after this litter.
After declaring our intention to concentrate on the colourpoint, or Neva Masquerade in sept 2009, god toyed with us and although most of our cats are point carriers, except for Sam, no points arrived....
So we are doubly pleased with the appearance of this baby and that Anatoly is a point carrier :)
All kittens will remain under evaluation.
We have a female kitten available from Lavinia's litter due to the inevitable timewasters, these kittens available end Jan....enquiries welcome


  1. Congratulations! Great news with your colour point baby. Your early Christmas present :) xx looking forward to seeing pictures. x

  2. Congratulations Shirley - great news!!! Someone else had a kitten 24 hours later - I can't remember who it was (that's going to 'bug' me now) - so it seems to happen - weird though isn't it? Great to hear you have your Colourpoint baby - and look forward to seeing the babies soon. x

  3. Congratulations ! You must be delighted to get your Colour Point kitten of the year. Hope 2012 is kinder to you :)