Saturday, 17 September 2011

Kitten updates

Some lovely comments from our last sibby kittens that left us this month....

"Just to let you know that the 'babies' are coming along and getting up to mischief. Firenze, (tigger tabby) is the bolder of the two,he is always the first to jump in at playtime and the most inquisitive . Milan (boo) is still rather unsure,but he is progressing each day....thanks again for our bundles, WE LOVE THEM." Paul

"I thought I would just drop you an note to let you know that Napoli and Venezia are settling in well. They are eating well and have slowly started to explore their new surroundings. Their favourite past time at the moment seem to be chasing each other down the corridor or trying to climb any obstacle they can find. The girls are very sociable as they always try to play or just relax in the same room as us when we're upstairs (we haven't let them explore downstairs yet). They seem to know when we're about to leave the house for work as this is normally the time when Napoli wants a tummy rub or Venezia wants to play. They are really lovely kittens and we're so lucky to have them." Jenny

"Verona has settled in brilliantly and we are really pleased to have her. She was quite shy to begin with but is now lording it over the whole house and causing carnage. I can't believe how far she can jump when she is so small. All the best, Gavin"

Roma aka Cosmo went to live with Marc and family who are allergy sufferers. They called to say that he had settled in and had caused quite a stir at the vets, he went out of the consultation room with the vet to be weighed and returned with three vet nurses cooing over him!
Marc says the whole family love him to bits....

Its very rewarding when we get feedback like this, raising kittens is very time consuming and a labour of keeps us going, holding on to these positive thoughts when we get messed about with petty timewasters and dreamers. I can honestly say we have found exceptional homes this time, even in the face of a massive increase in siberian kittens being born over the summer.....
After six years of breeding Siberians, selecting healthy and good tempered cats, we at Witchfyre are proud of our kittens.....and pleased that our new owners are happy with their new babies, enough to return for another!


  1. Shirley, Roma aka Cosmo is going from strength to strength. He has grown so much since you last saw him. He ventured outside for the first time yesterday and seemed to be in his element (so that's the "house cat" idea out of the window".

    Thank you. Marc, Naureen - Madison & Zachary x

  2. Don't you just love HAPPY ENDINGS....I do !! x