Thursday, 20 May 2010

Lulu's babies update

Well, the babes are a week old today.
We are almost certain we have:
a brown tabby boy, he has the most amazing head and is looking promising
a tortie(dark silver?)tabby girl, again is chunky with a good head
a black possibly smoke boy..he is the smallest and keeps getting pushed out, but already has his eyes open, just got to keep an eye on him at feed time! He is solid black and not a single white stray hair in sight...
a solid tortie girl...she is black with thin red painted tips here and there, very pretty.
Will try and get some pics up in the next week or so, but am mad busy at the moment
Lulu is being a very patient mum...she's the best X


  1. Oh - they sound lovely and great to have different colours in there. Congratulations Shirley - hope to see photos when you get a chance. Take care,

    Lesley x

  2. They do sound lovely!! Sounds like mum is enjoying them :)

    Denise x