Thursday, 7 January 2010

Nem's boys 2008 update

An update from Chris and family for Nem and Belphie's (2008)boys Neo and Morpheus...their sister Trinity went to Sapphinesteel.

"Thought you might like an update. They are both fantastic cats with very different personalities. Morphy is so sweet and reminds me of a naughty schoolboy, always got his hair messed up and a look of trouble. Neo is still quite timid but always curls up on our knees and makes very strange squeeking noises when he is sleeping! Both seem to prefer sleeping upside down and don’t seem to like the snow, strange considering their ancestors! Once again thank-you for such wonderful animals."

Dont they look stunning...
We will be repeating this mating Autumn/Winter 2010

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  1. Shirley they are gorgeous looking boys, with great heads and coats, almost wish I had their sister Ellie is doing great by the way x