Friday, 2 October 2009

Socks AKA Oscar

John and Louise wrote....

After spending a couple of days with “Socks” we decided to name him Oscar since we thought this to be quite fitting of his personality.

When we all arrived home last Saturday Oscar was a little bit nervous however curiosity prevailed and he came out of his carrier and started to explore. Within a few hours he was laying in my lap purring like crazy and enjoying his new home! He has now settled very well. The first visit to the vet went really well and he is a healthy little kitten of 1.7 kg!

Louise stayed at home with him this week, and what’s quite incredible is that Oscar actually plays fetch. If you throw a toy he will run after it, bring it back and drop it. Unusual behaviour for a kitten but he really is a very snuggly and intelligent kitten.

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  1. very normal behaviour for siberian cats, some of mine do this great entertainment