Monday, 13 April 2009

Kitten photos

Here are the lovely babies. Hester's kittens Dylan and Delyth have found their feet and are off! These kittens may be made available later. Lulu's babies are just one week old, Dagmar brown classic tabby girl (staying), Dalziel, boy (reserved), Dante, boy (interest), and Dagan, boy (reserved).

1 comment:

  1. Shirley,

    They are all absolutely gorgeous & I honestly can't wait to get my two handsome boys home! If they are anything like your previous litters I am sure they will be beautiful - I am so excited!

    Dylan and Delyth are growing fast! I bet they're quite a handful! They are so delicate and have such fantastic markings :-) I'd have them all if I could!

    Thank you so so much for the pictures - its wonderful to see them all, and I look forward to seeing them all grow!

    Lots of Love